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Kursalon: Mozart & Strauss Concert & Dinner
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Vienna is home to a vast array of fantastic live music venues and classical concerts. Classical recitals at the world-famous Musikverein are worth experiencing once in a lifetime. The best way to secure tickets to concerts in Vienna is by buying them online. Booking Vienna concert tickets online is fast, easy, and convenient, and can be done from anywhere in the world. Additionally, you don't have to wait in queue or worry about Vienna concert tickets selling out after reaching the venue. So if you're looking to experience Vienna's vibrant classical concerts, buying Vienna concert tickets online is undoubtedly the way to go.

What Makes Concerts in Vienna Special?

Vienna Supreme Concerts
  • Capital of Classical Music: Vienna is known as the capital of classical music and hosts a plethora of world-class classical concerts throughout the year.
  • Home to Legends: Vienna is the city where the musical icons Mozart and Strauss used to live and perform. Today's classical concerts in Vienna hold up that legacy.
  • Beautiful Venues: The concerts are usually held in marvellous palaces and heritage museums and buildings, taking the concert experience to a higher level.
  • Combo Tickets: With certain combo tickets, you can also go for a tour of the venue or eat classic Viennese cuisine before your concert to get the quintessential Vienna experience.
  • World-class Musicians: Some of the best classical music practitioners flock to the city to perform. Concerts in Vienna are sure to have talented musicians and splendid orchestras presenting at every event.

Types of Vienna Concert Tickets Available

Types of Vienna Concert Tickets - Concert

Concert Tickets

When in the city, you cannot possibly think of missing out on the famed classical concerts in Vienna. Get prepared to be serenaded by top-tier classical music artists as you enjoy the ambience and acoustics of some of the most striking and well-known concert venues in the world.

Types of Vienna Concert Tickets - Dinner & Concert

Dinner & Concert Tickets

What could be more romantic than a delicious gourmet dinner to accompany a classical concert in Vienna? Enjoy exquisite Austrian cuisine along with an exciting and enchanting performance of the works of some of the world’s greatest classical music composers in Vienna.

Types of Vienna Concert Tickets - Concert & Tour

Concert & Tour Tickets

Combining sightseeing with a classical concert during your stay in Vienna is a great way to cover two amazing experiences in a day. Be mesmerized by some of the city's most iconic orchestras, ensembles, and artists, and explore its historical venues — concert halls, churches, palaces, and more.

Best Venues for Attending Concerts in Vienna

Best Venues for Attending Vienna Concerts - Schönbrunn Palace

Schönbrunn Palace

Address: Schönbrunner Schloßstraße 47, 1130 Wien, Austria

Schönbrunn Palace is a famous heritage building in Vienna, with over 1,441 rooms. The palace's grand stature, beautiful gardens and historical significance make it a popular venue for concerts in Vienna, especially those featuring compositions of Mozart and Strauss.

Best Venues for Attending Vienna Concerts - Kursalon


Address: Kursalon Hübner , Johannesgasse 33, Wien

The Kursalon is a beautiful and historic building with neo-Renaissance architecture. The Kursalon features elegant interiors and excellent acoustics, making it one of Vienna's most prestigious concert halls. Every year, the Kursalon hosts a medley of classical concerts, operas and even ballet presentations.

Best Venues for Attending Vienna Concerts - Mozarthaus

Mozart's House (Mozarthaus)

Address: Singerstraße 7, 1010 Wien, Austria

The Mozarthaus, a former home of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, has a very old classical music concert hall — the Sala Terrena. Guests can not only attend concerts that showcase his works, and others, all in an intimate setting but also experience the acoustics of the oldest concert hall in Vienna.

Best Venues for Attending Vienna Concerts - Karlskirche

St. Charles Church (Karlskirche)

Address: 1040 Vienna, Austria

The Karlskirche is a majestic baroque church built in the early 18th century. Its remarkable architecture and elaborate details have attracted many well-known orchestras, choirs and solo instrumentalists over the years, who have played pieces by renowned composers such as Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven and others.

Best Venues for Attending Vienna Concerts - St. Anne's Church

St. Anne's Church

Address: Annagasse 3B, 1010 Wien, Austria

St. Anne's Church is a beautiful baroque church that is well-known for its stunning architecture, unique acoustics and rich ambience, making it a favourite venue for classical concerts in Vienna. The venue is regarded highly among musicians, who often perform works by famous composers such as Bach, Handel and Vivaldi.

Know Before You Attend Concerts in Vienna

Getting There
Dress Code
Insider Tips
Brahms Hall - Musikverein
  • Concerts in Vienna usually take place around the evening but these timings can differ depending on the type of concert and venue.
  • Concerts in Vienna can last from anywhere between one to three hours.
  • It is a good idea to reach half an hour to one hour before the concert begins. Plan your commute in advance so that you can travel with ease and can avoid last minute rush.
  • Most concert organizers and venues do not entertain latecomers. To avoid missing out on the show, do ensure that you reach the venue before the concert is scheduled to begin.
Schönbrunn Palace
  • You'll find a plethora of public transportation options in Vienna, including buses, trains, and trams. Check the timetables, select the appropriate routes and plan in advance to ensure you do not get late for the show.
  • It is a good idea to check the concert venue's website for important information related to parking, public transportation, and nearby hotels and restaurants when you plan your visit.
  • Not all venues provide dedicated parking spaces. So, if you're travelling in a personal vehicle, it is important to check ahead and find out if there are any parking spaces at the venue or nearby.
  • Make sure to plan your commute well in advance to ensure that you do not get late and miss the show.
Know Before You Attend Vienna Concerts - Dress Code
  • Go for clothing that is either smart-casual or semi-formal – avoid anything overly casual.
  • Wear comfortable footwear – you may be standing for long periods of time during the concert or opera and the venue could have a lot of steps as well.
  • With these simple dress code tips, you can guarantee that you will be dressed your best as you attend some of the finest concerts in Vienna.
Know Before You Attend Vienna Concerts - Dining
  • Venue policies on food and drinks may vary from allowing certain types of outside food and drinks to no food or drink being allowed at all.
  • Remember to check the food and drink policy of the venue where you are attending the concert before the event.
  • You will find light snacks and drinks at most concert venues. However, if you wish to have a proper dining experience before or after the concert, do check out some fine dining restaurants in the vicinity.
Know Before You Attend Vienna Concerts - Etiquette
  • Make sure to switch off or silence your phone so you can be fully immersed in the show.
  • Out of respect for the performers, please keep conversations at a whisper. By doing so, you will ensure that everyone can enjoy the show without disruption.
  • Appreciate the performance by clapping at appropriate times or only when the performance ends.
  • Respect other people’s personal space and refrain from blocking their view with your arms, bags or hats.
Know Before You Attend Vienna Concerts - Insider Tips
  • Make sure that you arrive early so you can skip crowds and queues.
  • Avoid bringing large bags, purses or luggage as these items may not be allowed inside certain venues.
  • Always remember to switch off or put your phone on silent mode before the performance begins.
  • Never take photographs or videos of the performance without acquiring permission from the organizers.
  • Avoid talking during the performance or eating food items that create a lot of noise.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vienna Concerts

Q. Where can I purchase Vienna concert tickets?

A. You can purchase Vienna concert tickets online for a convenient and hassle-free experience.

Q. What is the best way to buy Vienna concert tickets?

A. The best way to buy Vienna concert tickets is to book them online.

Q. Are Vienna concert tickets available online?

A. Yes, Vienna concert tickets are available online. Booking online is the best way to purchase your Vienna concert tickets as it is not only convenient but you may also come across attractive offers.

Q. Where can I find last-minute Vienna concert tickets?

A. If you are looking for last-minute tickets, the best place for finding Vienna concert tickets at the last minute is to book them online.

Q. Do Vienna concert tickets include a tour of the venue?

A. Concerts in Vienna usually take place in venues like heritage palaces and churches. These venues are majestic and beautiful to visit. So, it is always a good idea to get a tour of the venue when you go to attend a concert in Vienna. A lot of Vienna concert tickets include tour options for the venue as well. Selecting a Vienna concert ticket with a tour of the venue will give you the maximum benefit from your visit.

Q. Are there discounts available for Vienna concert tickets?

A. When you book your Vienna concert tickets online, it is likely that you may come across attractive discounts, offers or cashback options. This is why booking tickets online is your best bet.

Q. Are Vienna concert tickets refundable or transferable?

A. The cancellation policy of Vienna concert tickets varies on the type of Vienna concert ticket you choose. Some Vienna concert tickets do allow for cancellations, but some do not. Do check the cancellation policy of your Vienna concert tickets before purchasing them.

Q. Is there any dress code for attending Vienna concerts?

A. While there is usually no strict dress code for attending concerts in Vienna, it is prudent to dress in semi-formals or formal attire.

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